multi-user shared hallucinations

Hi friend! I'm working on building a storytelling tool/app/game/platform/thing. This is a very early version of it.

You can think of each room below like a separate fictional story, world, or universe. Read through a story and make decisions about what to do. Pick whichever path is most interesting. Pretend you're playing D&D or something.

Everything here is shared. If you edit the text of a story, those changes will be visible to others who read the story. And when you hit the end of a story, you're prompted to write more. Please continue the story if you feel like it!

Don't get too attached to any stories written in this tool! It is quite buggy, and easy to overwrite others' changes. I'm working on ways to fix this, but in the meantime, everything's transient. :)

Please don't share this URL with too many people. I'd like to wait a while before adding accounts, moderation tools, etc.

I'd be super happy to hear any kind of feedback on this tool. Email me if you've got any!

- ethan